veryone struggles to find a division for our world of today.. Of course, the division of a Capitalist vs. Communist world is no longer valid .. Some people divide us into a First world and a Third world .. Others talk about the clash of civilisations between East and West .. or the scenario of the axis of Evil vs. the axis of Good .. others talk about the holy fight between the faithful and the infidels .. But none of them managed to find the optimal division:

Our world is divided – my dear reader – into two camps:

The eBay world and The non-eBay world

eBay – on its homepage and on behalf of all the thinkers, the philosophers and theoritists –  managed to solve this dilemma,  according to the standards of the 21st century and without any compliments to any side. This world is divided into two opposing parts:

The eBay world: where your requests are granted with a mouse click, where the whole world lies on your screen, where your comfort – if you belong to this world – is the most important .. A world where the most complicated of things becomes very simple .. The eBay world where they would trust you, without knowing or meeting you, just because you “belong” to this beautiful world .. A world where the king is the Human Being

and the non-eBay world: where there is no such thing as a Human Being.


Ten years ago, I’ve started my journey into the eBay world. A journey that will – forever – take the label “Temporary”. I knew from the first day, that every day I spend in this world makes it harder to return to where I “belong”.

“Belong”, this is the dilemma I created for myself. Belong to where I don’t fit, or fit where I don’t belong. I spent the last ten years, immersing myself into this captivating eBay world, trying – meanwhile – to reach the middle ground between my two options. I did not reach it yet.

To be continued if it is to be continued.